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Tips for building a better presentation (the NSA way!)

Ed Snowden’s leak last June of the National Security Administration’s PRISM program for electronic communications surveillance exposed the vast reach of our government’s ability to spy on its citizens. But it also exposed something else to an unsuspecting and unprepared public, something far more sinister…

How “Responsive” Is Your Website?

The next big step forward in the web is here. Your audience knows it.  They’ve been pushing for it every time they access your…

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Gamification: How can you tap into the next trend in user engagement?

by Lina Fenequito It’s no secret that games are powerful and have the distinct ability to keep us engaged, motivated, and most importantly, to…

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Say hello to the new Good World Media.

Say hello to the new Good World Media. After many years of service, we’ve retired our old logo and look, and are proud to…

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Is your message ready for primetime? Lessons learned from my History Channel interview.

Written by Lina Fenequito. When it’s your turn in the spotlight, how will your message be communicated? Often, it takes the promise of a…

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Lina & the Swap-O-Matic featured on CNN’s The Next List

Lina, along with the Swap-O-Matic (one of our on-going projects in conjunction with Rick Cassidy), was recently spotlighted on CNN’s The Next List.  Many…

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The Redesigned Stutterer : Applying Design Methodologies to Stuttering

“My name is Ray Mancini. I am a designer. I am also a stutterer.” These words opened my Master’s Thesis presentation at Pratt Institute…

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A true redesign of Getty Images.

Here’s the true power of design – to not only organize or communicate information, but to completely change the perception of a brand in…

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SELF’s Drop 10 Challenge wins a MIN Online “Best of the Web 2012” award

Congratulations all around to the SELF Digital Team for winning MIN online’s “Best of the Web 2012 : Integration with Print” award for this…

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Amazing Start-to-Finish Walkthroughs from Eric Deschamps

Eric Deschamps, an old friend and colleague from my Syracuse University days, was always an amazing illustrator…and keeps getting better and better. What I love,…

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