SELF’s Drop 10 Challenge wins a MIN Online “Best of the Web 2012” award

Congratulations all around to the SELF Digital Team for winning MIN online’s “Best of the Web 2012 : Integration with Print” award for this year’s Drop 10 Challenge (which features our design and development). We’re happy to be involved with such a great promotion and glad to see it get the recognition it deserves!

MIN Online’s 2012 Awards


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I can very much understand your point. I actulaly work my days for a social media strategy firm that specializes in the the B2B space, so I’m going to have to disagree with you that it’s not as useful. I’m actulaly under the assumption that social media can be MORE beneficial to B2B marketers because relationships are essential when it comes to B2B sales. While social media might not act as a straight conversation channel, it can be the perfect awareness engine and give your brands some credbility when your B2B prospects do their due dilligence and background checks, which as you know, they will.a0a0Social media can make you a thought leader and drive your SEO functions to a degree that traditional marketing can’t. Your prospects might not be on Facebook, but they’re using Google and Google is pulling from Facebook. : )

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