Our promotional designs for the People's Theater Project truly show that all the world's a stage!

“We’ve worked with Good World Media on all of our print and digital marketing materials for the last two years and have been consistently wowed by the results. We send our list of deliverables, our copy, and a selection of rehearsal photos to choose from and, without fail, in a couple of days we receive stunning designs that perfectly capture the essence and energy of our mission – amplifying youth voices! The best is when our kids get to see the flyers with their shining faces on them. Seeing themselves represented so beautifully has been a powerful gift.”

– Bob Braswell (founder, People’s Theater Project)


Details: Advertisement, Art Direction, Branding & Identity, Graphic Design

People’s Theatre Project started with the simple goal of making theatre accessible to their community, and has since become a powerful voice by collaborating with schools, organization, and community members in Northern Manhattan. Their shows and programs are filled with local actors of all ages and skill levels, taking on issues and topics essential to their lives and experiences. A large part of achieving their mission is getting the word out through flyers, posters, and promotional material…and when they came looking for a design team to create a visually impressive and unifying look for their numerous programs throughout the year, we jumped at the chance to work with this amazing non-profit.

Stage 1 – Discover

Our work with People’s Theater Project began with an initial meeting to learn all about their mission, their goals, and what their past and current marketing materials looked like. We immersed ourselves in what had come before, looking with a critical eye, seeing where could improve upon the branding and overall visual look, and establishing a general approach to unify all current and future programs together.

One of the most thrilling aspects of the organization is the energy and passion from their community of actors, young and old alike. Their faces, movements, and excitement come through in all of their photos, and we knew that any designs going forward would need to harness that energy!

Stage 2 – Empower

People’s Theater has five or more shows a year, each with their own bilingual flyers, posters, programs, and emails, as well as a yearly appeal for donations. We start each project by learning more about the show’s theme, and what photographs are available for use from cast practices, and then craft a visual look that embodies the show…whether flowers for a Spring event, blues for the winter, or dynamic shapes and colors for an empowering cause. By focusing on the actors, we always have a compelling way to attract attention by viewers, and take the time to really integrate the photos into the overall graphic design. This seamless look exudes quality and professionalism in the printed materials, and gives PTP a greater credibility in attracting a wider audience.

Stage 3 – Engage

Throughout the years, we’ve managed to keep PTP’s visuals exciting and vibrant, while consistently communicating the messages that need to get out to their audience. And though designs may vary widely, all are held together by similar visual treatments that let viewers know that, yes, this is People’s Theater Project. We continue to work closely with them and support their amazing organization!

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