We developed digital strategy and e-commerce platform for Donors Unite, a non-profit startup that combines gift giving and charitable donations.

“Good World Media did everything they said they would do and more. They were right on time with the design and its completion. I give them a 5 star rating and there is nothing more I could have expected from them. They are truly great and a first class organization to work with. If they say they can do the work and they give you an estimate of time and cost, you can rely on it.”

– Myron Levine, Founder of Donors Unite


Details: Branding, Presentation, Print, Social Media, Strategy, UX Design, Website, Digital Marketing Strategy

Website: www.donorsunite.org

Donors Unite, a non-profit startup, had visions to revolutionize the charitable giving but tapping into the billion-dollar gift card industry. We helped them create a brand and digital strategy for promoting their concept, while creating a UX design to create an easy charitable-giving experience.

Stage 1: Discovery

Donors Unite came to us with a concept for increasing donation to charities through tapping into the gift giving market. Their concept was simple–provide an alternative for those obligation gifts (flowers, bottles of wine) and directing those funds to charity donations. After a year of developing the idea and prototyping, Donors Unite realized they had a website that was below expectations and needed serious help in order to go to market. They turned to us to create a cohesive experience that communicated the problem and need as well as a platform that facilitated engagement with an intuitive UX experience.


Stage 2: Empower

After thorough research into the charitable giving space, we worked closely with Donors Unite to capture their branding and message with a complete redesign of their identify. The branding and promotional materials were designed to differentiate Donors Unite from other players in the market and highlight the valued benefits of the Donors Unite gift card.  We also created a complex e-commerce platform for the purchase and redemption of charity gift cards. Users were able to purchase gift cards and send to recipients who were then able to select a charity from the database of two million charities to redeem the amount. We created an admin dashboard for users and charity administrators to track their donations and manage redemption and tax receipts. The project’s challenge was to streamline the complexity of the system to make the entire process for each user as easy and simple-to-use as possible.


Stage 3 – Engage

In the months leading up to launch and for the first year after launch, Good World Media helped Donors Unite create a digital marketing strategy for reaching potential customers and charity membership partners. Using a combination of social channels, paid marketing, and SEO optimization, we helped Donors Unite channels tens of thousands of dollars from the gifts to charitable donations as well as retain hundreds of partner charities that have signed up for membership. Donors Unite is seeking funding and corporate partnerships to take the company to the next level.

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