We overhauled the user interface for TDSC.com, making it easier for dentists to shop and save on dental and office supplies.


Details: Strategy, UX/UI Design, Website Design

Website: tdsc.com

The Dentists Supply Company (TDSC) is an e-commerce site offering direct access to negotiated savings on dental supplies and small equipment for members of organized dentistry. Founded and launched in 2017, the company decided the following year that they were ready to use the mistakes and learnings of the initial launch and improve the usability of the website. In addition, TDSC.com sought to develop a UX library of styles and patterns to create a more consistent, usable experience throughout the site and allow for the development of future updates to be more streamlined.

Stage 1: Discovery

TDSC.com had already been operating for a year before deciding to overhaul their entire website user experience and visual look. Although the site had been apportioning during that time, they were not happy with the sales they were getting and the failings of their customers’ experiences. On the plus side, the site was already operating – which enabled them to easily identify areas in need of immediate optimization and redesign through real user feedback.

Working in collaboration with Viaspire (a Sacramento-based TDSC collaborator) and the TDSC team, we dove into their user feedback and metrics. Having this data already at hand enabled us to audit the existing functionality and find ways to improve the usability. Having this data already at hand enabled us to audit the existing functionality and find ways to improve the usability. Our goals – strengthen brand recognition and improve usability with more consistent design patterns by addressing the areas of navigation, search, and the entire e-commerce process.


Stage 2: Empower

While tdsc.com had many components of a traditional e-commerce site (product search, cart, checkout, etc,), there were many aspects of this members-only dental supply site that were unique and required special design considerations. One example is the requirement of special licenses precluding the purchase of certain medical items and intricate customization and sizing on specialty items. Luckily, our rigorous understanding of common best practices, as well as years of UX design experience, allowed us to develop unique solutions that would be intuitive and familiar to the user all while improving the shopping flow.

More importantly, we focused on the mobile experience, something that was neglected in tdsc.com’s first experience. By thinking through how each page layout and hierarchy would change from desktop to mobile, we were able to optimize the mobile experience and deliver an intutive, customized experience that didn’t feel like “a desktop website simple shrunk down”.


Stage 3 – Engage

After completing the UX design, we created a styles and patterns library, a comprehensive document detailing the choices made throughout the design process. The document served not only as an instructional guide for additional implementations and add-ons, but could be used by internal and external teams alike, streamlining the cost and effort of future builds. Most importantly, the guide allows for maintaining consistency in styles and UX patterns throughout the site, ensuring that our improved usability and brand decisions remain at the forefront as updates are made down the road.

We continue to work with TDSC as they expand their site functionality and relentlessly improve their offerings, all in the name of providing dentists with a one-stop shop for all their needs.

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