We designed the brand identity, user experience, marketing website and promotional video for Notehouse, a web-based app for “everyone who take notes on humans”.

“After being referred to Good World Media by a friend, I was blown away by the excitement they had for my company and the technical expertise they brought to their understanding of our needs. After working with them for over a year I was consistently impressed by their fast turn around time, intuitive listening skills and ability to deliver high quality product that matched exactly what we were looking for. I have recommended them to everyone I work with and hope to utilize their services again in the near future!”

– Lauren Burke, CEO, Notehouse


Details: Branding & Identity, Marketing and Advertising, UX/UI Design, Website Design & Development

Notehouse, a startup, was looking to create simple, affordable, user-friendly software for everyone who takes notes. We worked closely with the founder to create a simple, intuitive user experience and a whimsical, memorable brand identity.

Stage 1: Discovery

We worked closely with the client to come up with a visual style for the app which was then translated into the branded campaigns. The goal was to create a professional, fun and accessible brand that non-technical users would be drawn to and not find intimidating.

Stage 2: Empower

We started from scratch to build a simple yet compelling brand identity rooted in subtle references to sticky notes and yellow legal pads, the traditional tools of note taking. With a logo that embodied the idea of “a home for notes”, and a software interface that utilized colors and elements that would be familiar to users, we designed the brand to reflect the simplicity and human-centered focus at its core. We worked with the Notehouse team to design the application itself, creating the user interface layout, various action states, and even the user experience for subscription and account management.

Stage 3 – Engage

When it came to marketing and promotional materials for Notehouse, we extended the brand identity even more by utilizing whimsical colors and illustrated characters that we based upon real users. Notehouse wanted potential users to understand that the software wasn’t just for a certain person or professional, and the wide variety of representatives was a memorable way to bring that idea

A highlight of the entire project was conceptualizing and creating an animated promotional video for the launch of Notehouse. By creating a narrative around the story of its founder Lauren, her journey to create Notehouse, and the cast of characters from the marketing site, this launch video was a compelling, delightful way to easily understand the software and how intuitive and simple it is to use.

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