We design robust interactive applications for Medbridge, an innovative healthcare, education, and administrative platform.

“Good World Media is a pleasure to work with, and produces great designs! They are able to understand complex scenarios and create interfaces that look wonderful and are easy to use. With their help, we were able to move forward on high priority projects for our company in a timely manner, without sacrificing quality. Ray specifically is a great communicator, listens thoughtfully, and follows up on action items in a timely manner. Overall, highly recommend working with them and would choose Good World Media again for future projects!”

Kristin Yeasting, Senior Product Manager


Services: Apps, User Interface, UX Design

Medbridge, located in Seattle, Washington, is a company dedicated to raising the quality of healthcare globally through impactful educational content on an innovative learning platform. Their applications and offerings seek to make the relationship between patients and practitioners as seamless and collaborative as possible, with programs in continuing education, patient education, and home therapy. With the great need for prioritized and effective healthcare, we were happy to jump in and design many new, powerful tools for MedBridge’s user base and their patients.

Stage 1 – Discover

Our relationship with MedBridge began with a large project called the Campaign Creator. This robust application would allow physical therapists and administrators to send targeted digital campaigns to their current or former patients and on-board them for upcoming therapy, follow-up with them over time, or introduce them to new advances or articles pertaining to their individual needs.

We sat down with their internal team and workshopped their ideas, goals, and what their users would want in this new offering. Functionality was the key focus, with numerous variables and customizable options to consider as users stepped through the process of creating, sending, and tracking each unique campaign. Choosing targeted patient groups, setting trigger events, and time frames were some of the many interface elements we roughed out and designed for.

Stage 2 – Empower

Once the general wireframes were worked through and approved, we worked to create and apply a user interface language and logic that would be intuitive for users, while still branded as MedBridge. We established a primarily grey palette with spots of blue and yellow for specific calls to action, while interface forms and surfaces utilized shadows and highlights for a stronger user experience. We also designed the emails and social media calls that would be generated by the campaigns.

Throughout the design process, we worked in tandem with MedBridge’s internal development team in a series of sprints, testing functionality and user flows while making changes on the fly in a cohesive, collaborative effort.

Stage 3 – Engage

With the campaign creator firmly in the hands of the developers for continued testing, we moved on to other related projects within MedBridge that would support administrations and therapists. We designed a robust leads database for tracking patients leads across one or more clinics, with notional abilities, actionable items, and notifications for following up on potential patients. We brainstormed and wireframed out new interfaces and functionality for the company’s Home Exercise Program (HEP) builder, seeking to improve the search abilities for their vast exercise video library. Currently, we are working on a new subscription tracker that will enable administrators to track, purchase, or remove licenses throughout their organizations for full and part-time therapists.

We continue to collaborate with Medbridge on new and exciting projects that support their mission and user base.

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