We worked 4+ years with 98point6, designing products and applications that are changing healthcare for the better.


Details: App/Software Design, Branding, UX/UI Design

Website: www.98point6.com

98point6 has pioneered a new approach to primary care by pairing deep technology with the expertise of board-certified physicians. This innovative service offers consistent access to comprehensive care in sickness and in health and includes diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, and labs as well as consultation for any health-related question. Since 2017, Ray has had the unique opportunity to become a member of the UX team, designing and improving many facets of the 98point6’s user and clinic experience.

Product Design

Ray worked as a full-time contractor completely embedded within the UX team and collaborating across numerous working groups within the company over a 4+ year span.

Originally brought in as a key resource to design the initial consumer product MVP in 2017, Ray working directly with a razor-thin team to create UI prototypes, UX flows, and vision work. This led to the launch of the 98point6 app, which currently has 4.8 stars from 24,000+ iOS & Android reviews and a million+ consumers. As the consumer app grew, Ray continued his close relationship with the growing UX team, aligning with fellow product designs, product managers and engineers to concept and execute new functionality and iterate on ideas that continued to improve the patient experience.

Clinicial Design

In parallel, Ray branched out into UX clinic team during his second year, becoming a trusted teammate and collaborator working closely with physicians, project managers, and engineers to research and design clinic applications. He lead the creation of many features that supported the work of physicians attending to 98point6’s patient base. Through sprints, testing, prototyping, and high-level UI design, Ray’s work improved clinicians’ ability to provide quality healthcare and increase efficiency.

Branding & Marketing Design

While Ray’s work primarily focused on product design, his skillset offered him opportunities other opportunities with 98point6’s marketing department. He collaborated on a number of projects including a redesign of the marketing website’s navigation and footer, co-branding rules for the brand guide.

Commercial Design

Ray was also the UX Lead for the creation of a customer portal that focused on eligibility file upload and management, working with commercial stakeholders, accountant managers to realize their vision while advocating for design at each step. Along with a UX Researcher, Ray created prototypes and led research sessions with actual customers, observing their processes and pain points. This dedication to the design process ultimately yielded a successful solution that continues to earn raves from users and greatly reduced account manager involvement.

If you are interested in learning more about our 98point6 work, please contact us…there’s far more than we can show here 🙂

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