When CSHA (California Speech Language Hearing Association) was ready to launch an entirely fresh mission for their organization, they chose us to lead their rebranding effort to reflect a more energized and empowered future.

“We feel incredibly lucky to have found Good World Media. They helped us complete a year of brand strategy work, which culminated in an entirely redesigned website and logo. They were a collaborative partner that brought an elevated level of design to the table. I would recommend Good World Media to anyone looking for design solutions!”

– Michelle Mattingly, Marketing Director, CSHA


Details: Branding & Identity, Print Design, Strategy, UX/UI Design, Website Design

Website: www.csha.org

CSHA, the California Speech Language Hearing Association with thousands of members, envisions a world where all people are empowered with the fundamental human right to engage and connect. The organization, located in Sacramento, CA, works tirelessly to support the profession and empowers practitioners to change lives by providing a collaborative environment for resources and research. Under fresh, new leadership, they sought to reinvigorate the organization by creating a new mission, vision and message to their members. With this, they needed a new branding approach, one that would capture the energy and excitement of the next generation of practitioners, while keeping the core values and traditions of the past intact .

Stage 1: Discovery

CSHA’s existing logo and branding was old, outdated, and no longer represented the new vision for the organization. The colors read as too slight and feminine, counteracting CSHA’s desire for a more universally-accepting message. The mark also contained a detailed smiling face that was outdated and “hokey”, besides simply not  being versatile enough to render well across different orientations. They were looking for a full redesign and nothing was off-limits.

Working closely with the CSHA team, we initially explored visual metaphors for their new logo that encompassed CSHA’s new, modern values, seeking to answer questions like:

• What types of metaphors and imagery can be used to convey the act of communication? 

• What types of metaphors and imagery convey the treatment of communication disorders?

• What of these metaphors can be used and combined to represent the new CSHA and what they do and represent?


Stage 2: Empower

We designed using metaphors for movement, communication, breakthroughs, transmission, and human connectedness–each round building towards a  logo mark that we all agreed upon. This new mark was simple, strong, and modern–resolving many of the old logo’s issues while still representing CSHA’s core values. To the delight of all of it, it signaled that big changes were afoot as the organization moved forward into the future.

With the mark established, we reworked CSHA’s color palette, moving away from the soft colors of the previous logo to a stronger, more vibrant palette anchored by green, gold, and navy. Drawing from colors associated with California itself, yet still paying homage to the old logo’s yellow and blues, the palette opened up more visual opportunities and provided a more diverse visual language to engage with. Strong typography choices further moved the new identity away from the whimsy and slightness of the original logo towards a solid, confidence mark that projected professionalism and purpose.


Stage 3 – Engage

With CSHA’s new brand identity established, it was time to leverage it across all of its platforms and touchpoints. We designed social media avatars and banners, email templates, and a powerpoint deck. We updated much of CSHA’s print collateral and brochures, as well as their logo and media for their annual Convergence convention in Anaheim, CA. In collaboration with Viaspire, we redesigned the CSHA website, creating a vibrant, streamlined experience for an audience that had previously been underserved by the former site’s disjointed offerings. For the website, we delivered a finalized design, which our collaborator then developed. We continue to work closely with CSHA, extending the brand into logos for various state chapters, video presentations, and new promotional materials.

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