We "draw up the blueprints" and renovate HomeZada's application with robust visuals, a functional rethink, and cross-device capabilities.


HomeZada, a digital home information platform, helps homeowners improve value and save money throughout their home’s entire lifecycle by providing a single online application to manage all specific digital records. Upon initial launch, HomeZada’s desktop consumer application was functional, but in need of an updated visual design and user experience. They also had no true mobile presence. We were asked to come in and visually redesign the current platform, create a mobile presence, as well as create a fully-responsive web app to support their user-base and improve the overall experience.

Stage 1 – Discover

We began our relationship with HomeZada by sitting down the client and getting a full understanding of the current app, the issues and shortcomings, and the desires of the client. From this meeting, we came out with a roadmap forward, with the goals of improving the functionality and user experience across HomeZada’s desktop and new mobile platform, modernize the visual look across all aspects of the application, and bringing together all of HomeZada’s home affiliates endeavors under one application.

Our first step was to gain a greater understanding of HomeZada’s competition and similar within the home maintenance market, including insurance company apps, home buying and real estates sites, and even outlier apps/site dealing with record-keeping, cataloging and real-world content management.

With a better understanding of what was out there, and HomeZada’s own ideas and goals , we began wireframing and exploring a brand new user experience. We worked to improve functionality and usability, prioritize specific visual elements and content, and increase user interactions to achieve the stated goals. Nothing from the original application was sacred except the content itself, and we redesigned the experience from the ground-up. Our final deliverable was a full set of wireframes for both desktop and mobile, detailing the new experience and setting the foundation for visual design.

Stage 2 – Empower

With the wireframes completed, we next embarked on the visual redesign of the application. HomeZada already had logo and a color palette, but we brought brand new visual consistency that we carried throughout the experience. Colors, fonts, and user interface elements were all standardized, along with relevant imagery and photos.

With HomeZada, one of the challenges was designing what would NOT be there, as many initial users would be starting with a blank interface and no photos or content yet uploaded. We designed for a fully completed profile as well as one that had yet to be populated, with placeholder images and calls-to-action for users to add photo and information that could keep them engaged as they started out. We also came up with new ideas for on-boarding and usability innovations like elegant form fields that auto-saved user data.

Stage 3 – Engage

With our visual design and user experience fully established, and approval from HomeZada, we developed the responsive web app that could be viewed ideally across all devices. After further testing and quality assurance, we passed along the final development files to the client’s internal team for connection to their internal database. The overall final product has greatly changed the HomeZada experience, making for a more intuitive and robust application that continues to help its users catalog and retain value in their homes.

Upon completion of this first phase, we further supported Homezada by redesigning additional sections of their app. Maintenance, Projects, Dashboard and Sales were all overhauled using our established UI and functionality from Inventory to ensure consistency throughout.

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