We work with Equality Now to design a better world for women and girls.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Good World Media to express Equality Now’s brand in fresh new ways. They are flexible, responsive to our needs and do everything with a positive attitude!”

– Karen Asare (Communications & Marketing Manager, Equality Now)


Details: Branding & Identity, Content Marketing, Graphic Design

Equality Now is a New York City-based non-profit that fights for the human rights of women and girls around the world. Led by organizers, activists, and celebrities including Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda, the organization works tireless to promote action and change laws around the world that lead to harm and violence against females. It’s a cause we believe in, which makes our design work for Equality Now that much more impactful and important.

Stage 1: Discovery

Equality Now has a tremendous international reach and footprint, and their causes range from overturning laws and advocating for victims, to promoting awareness and raising funds for continued initiatives. The variety of projects always offers the chance for us to explore and create new visual solutions, and to work closely with the EN team to realize their many ideas and goals.

While these projects can range from large websites and annual reports to presentations and print pieces, we always begin by gathering an understanding of the scope, the goals of EN, and visual ideas already tried or discussed. Equality Now also has access to equally powerful photography, which often acts as a foundation for our designs and allows us to create compelling solutions.


Stage 2: Empower

Equality Now’s design and development needs are wider ranging, and we have worn many hats in our work with them. One of our largest endeavors was bringing their print-only Annual Report online by creating a stand-alone website that showcased their top initiatives, successes, financials, and supporters in an intuitive, accessible way that reached a far wider audience than before. The site was updated each successive year with new content and a revised visual look. Another notable project was designing a tablet-based presentation for Equality Now’s global director, with screens detailing the organization’s successes.

We’ve designed logos and graphics for annual appeals, email invitations for special events and engagements, holiday and thank you cards, and even buttons and pins with witty empowerment slogans. When Equality Now has an idea, they know we can deliver on it, no more what style or format. Our ability to adapt to the changing needs of the organization is what ensures our successful relationship.

Stage 3 – Engage

Throughout the years, our design and development work for Equality Now has been an integral part of spreading their message of equality and justice. Aside from continuing to support the organization itself, we’ve brought our design talents to their annual Make Equality Reality fundraiser, a celebrity-studded event that raises an incredible amount of donations amid a concert atmosphere.

As long as there is injustice in the world, Equality Now will keep fighting…and we’ll keep designing right there with them.

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