The World of M.G. Crisci

The World of M.G. Crisci

“Good World Media combines digitally-based creative innovation with practical branding expertise, a quality sorely missed by many design-oriented firms. As a former senior executive at Young & Rubicam, Chiat/Day and the Interpublic Group, I appreciate the fact that they treat my business and my money like it is their own.”

– M.G. Crisci (Author & Speaker, The World of M.G. Crisci)


Overview : From literary dream to reality.

M.G. Crisci, former Young & Rubicam businessman and current author of over seven books, came to us looking for a true design partner, one that would be able to help him not only brand himself and his work, but help him with a large variety of design and development projects across multiple media.


Stage 1 – Discover

We’ve worked closely with M.G. Crisci over many years to take him from a burgeoning author with a humble dream, to an accomplished literary author, desired speaker, and social media commentator with many books and international speaking presentations under his belt. Throughout, we’ve collaborated on ideas, strategized for how best to position him and his efforts, and iterated through many design solutions to keep his many media current.


Stage 2 – Empower

Our work with M.G. Crisci has touched upon many of our skillets, pushing us into new territory often as we support him and his many endeavors. We’ve established his personal brand by redesigning his book covers, creating press releases and print collateral, deploying a fully responsive, UX redesign of his website, and edited video promos and interviews. We’ve lead numerous projects involving outside resources, working closely with print vendors, video production companies, marketers, and international organizations to deliver design projects and promotional assets correctly and efficiently. Finally, we’ve acted as a strong strategic partner, working closely with M.G. as a sounding board for his numerous ideas, evaluating what projects will best support his work and which to best direct our efforts.


Stage 3 – Engage

Since working with us, M.G. has achieved and enjoyed much success as an author, speaker, and cultural commentator. His books, most notably our highly-designed “Seven Days in Russia”, have been lauded by book reviewers and the press, and he’s spoken at numerous venues in support of them, such as the United Nations and the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. His social media activity on Twitter, with our guidance, has shown increased interest from an international crowd. With projects in the works for a possible touring exhibition and a movie based on his work, we’ve continued to support his many efforts through strategic marketing and design efforts.

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