Created a site with the mission to empower creative moms by providing personal and professional inspiration.

“I LOVE your website and what you’re doing. I have been blown away by how hard this motherhood & creativity thing is.”

-Janelle Hanchett,

Mommikin – A Passion Project (by Lina Fenequito)

Mommikin is the brain-child of myself and my colleague Larissa Pickens, conceived when we recently found ourselves slowly losing our “creative spark” after becoming moms. We suspected other moms felt the same way, and after talking to a number of our once-creative friends and colleagues, we discovered we were right! How could we get back our “spark” and help other moms in similar situations do the same?

With both of us having experience in interactive design, we sat down to create an online resource to help regain their creativity. We realized that there are many different types of creative moms–from the mom who wants to head back into the work force after leaving their specific industry, to the stay-at-home mom who just wants a little bit of creative inspiration every day. With all moms, their situations and needs are often very different. In addition, as moms ourselves, we knew that a mom’s day is already chock-full with demands from kids, partners, work, and just plain vegging!

Our solution was to create a content portal that offered creative doses of both professional and personal inspiration by highlighting the accomplishments of other creative moms, and called the project Mommikin. The site, launched in the fall of 2014, features interviews with professional creative moms, quick and fun challenges to keep the juices flowing, and a community to share work and view others. We also write and dispense tips for raising creative kids, as well as career advice and workshops to help moms put their “best foot forward” at work.
We make use of a number of avenues to deliver our content to our users: the website, a weekly newsletter, and numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Managing and updating all of these platforms has been crucial in our attempts to build a strong community of creative moms.

Since launching the site, has gained momentum with over 20,000 page views in the first few months and a growing list of talented creative moms contributing to the cause. With all the success we’ve had so far with Mommikin, the site continues to evolve as we get more and more feedback from active and empowered moms.

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