We design across multiple media for Make Equality Reality, a star-studded charitable event.

“As I was planning Equality Now’s second annual “Make Equality Reality” fundraiser, I really wanted focus on design and sought a design partner that could create print and digital materials that would get donors and supporters excited about the event…but also tell the organization’s story.

I worked closely with Good World to create a compelling visual look. From printed invites, mailers, and tabletop donation cards, to emailings, digital promotions, and event presentation imagery, they listened to my ideas and creatively executed our visual design needs leading up to the night, as well as any revisions.

The event was a great success! We were able to spread awareness of our mission through traditional and social media. The designed invitations, projected sponsorship presentation, and donation cards all received rave reviews from those in attendance, many of them designers and taste-makers themselves. I couldn’t be happier with Good World Media’s design work, creativity, and professionalism, and continue to collaborate with them. ”

– Helen Stewart (Events and Individual Giving Manager at Equality Now)


Details: Branding, Print Design, Content Marketing

Equality Now, the international human rights organization, was preparing to host its second annual Make Equality Reality event, which brings together a diverse and dynamic group of change makers, celebrities and philanthropists to honor women making extraordinary changes to the women’s rights landscape. We were tapped to create unique branding for the event in the form of stationary, printed mailers, promotion emails, donation cards and forms, tablet top cards, and presentation slides to be shown throughout the night.

Stage 1: Discovery

We worked closely with the team at Equality Now and their event company, viewing their previous branding and finding better ways to create compelling visuals that encouraged invitees to respond and donate. For the event itself, we discussed areas in which design could add to the night and enhance Equality Nows strong mission and successful year.


Stage 2: Empower

We set to work by designing the event logo, establishing a strong color palette and overall visual look, and applying it to a number of different media. Printed items, like stationary, invitations, donation cards, and forms were designed with a consistent visual look and compelling imagery, drawing from Equality Now’s usual branding and our new take for the event. Digitally, we created a promotional email, invitational email, and a 46 slide presentation that was projected throughout the event and showcased celebrities, philanthropists, team members, and 2014 milestones for the organization. We worked closely throughout the process with the Equality Now team to streamline content, optimize files for printing, and create a visual synergy that connected all of our work together.


Stage 3 – Engage

The event was a great success, with over $550,000 raised during the inspirational evening. Our designs were lauded by the attendees and the Equality Now team, and were showcased in many social media photos and official promotions. We were thrilled by the success overall and were happy to be such a large part of this wonderful night.

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