We plan, design and develop a daily inspirational showcase for Condé Nast.


Details: Web design, UX Design

Condé Nast, home to some of the world’s most celebrated media brands, looked to us to design and build a microsite that would archive and display profiles of style innovators for their Fingerprints brand. This responsive site would feature daily behind-the-scenes interviews, images, and inspiration from today’s creative innovators.

Stage 1: Discovery

We worked closely with the Condé Nast digital team to understand their goals, creating a set of wireframes that prioritized specific functionality and an intuitive, templated layout. We also concepted multiple search and filter options to find relevant content, from the expected to the unique, like the “inspiration engine” in which users would discover an individual profile through picking one of three collages.


Stage 2: Empower

We delved into the design of this site by first creating a set of UX wireframes that proposed a minimal, yet expandable site layout that would be fully responsive across numerous platforms. Visually, we drew inspiration from Pinterest and other image-based sharing sites, utilizing a visual collage for each profiled individual and a subdued color palette that would allow the inspirational photos to stand out. The individual profiles themselves were designed as a template, allowing for ease-of-updating through a content management system. Finally, we successfully integrated social media outlets (FB, Twitter and Pinterest) and email marketing opt-ins for sharing content and extending contact.

Stage 3 – Engage

Working with the Condé Nast Digital team, we proceeded to upload the finalized site and disseminate instructions on handing the content management system. For over 3 years, the site has continued to be updated by Condé Nast, giving daily inspiration to numerous viewers looking for that creative spark.

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