Axiom is an IT firm that partners with clients to solve business technology challenges. While describing themselves as “not your typical IT firm”, their previous website and printed materials didn’t entirely reflect that idea.

“Here at Axiom, we consider ourselves “not your typical IT firm”, and desired a new visual look that would reflect that sentiment across all customer touchpoints. We turned to Good World Media to help us to achieve this important goal. Working closely with them, they took my team’s ideas and translated them into a visually compelling, responsively designed website that related streamlined our message and made our services easier to understand. In tandem, they rethought and revised our printed collateral, using their own insights and understanding of our business to create single page sales sheets for our sales team and customers that really demystified our process, services, and pricing. Good World’s amazing work has doubled our lead generation efforts, resulting in company exposure and growth that exceeded expectation. I continue to work closely with Good World Media and highly recommend them.”

– Erik McCauley (Managing Partner at Axiom Technology Group)


Details: Branding & Identity, Content Marketing, Print Design, UX/UI Design, Website Design & Development


Axiom is an IT firm that partners with clients to solve business technology challenges. While describing themselves as “not your typical IT firm”, their previous website and printed materials didn’t entirely reflect that idea. Axiom looked to us to completely redesign their website, overhaul their print materials, and give the entire company a new visual look.

Stage 1: Discovery

One of our first steps in working with Axiom was completing a comprehensive audit of their current site, an analysis their current competition, and a discussion of their goals. What we discovered informed our UX restructuring of the entire experience, as we sought to create a responsive site that would communicate Axiom’s message while feeling modern and current through the use of large photos, video, and dynamic content. In tandem, we planned to give Axiom’s presentations, printed white papers, and promotional brochures a complete overhaul, rethinking the content itself as well as the visual design.


Stage 2: Empower

Our first task was to redesign the Axiom website, starting with wireframes the detailed the site layout and functionality that would inform Axiom’s new web presence. Working closely with their internal team, we found ways to add unique, compelling areas and elements to the site, such as scaling full-screen video, a more compelling “meet the team” section, and Axiology, a dynamic blog page with a well-designed interface. We moved forward with a new color palette, leaving behind Axiom’s previous darker incarnation for a more open white, red, and grey palette, and established a new visual look going forward that we’d apply to their print and promotional media. We then developed the site, creating a responsive layout across all platforms and touchpoint. Finally, we worked with an outside vendor to stage a photo shoot for the Axiom team, ensuring that they put their best faces forward on their new site.

Along with the website initiative, we worked closely with Axiom to develop content and visual designs for the their various printed materials: brochures, white pages, client leave-behinds, and assessment forms. We wrote copy and headlines, streamlined content to maximize the message without unnecessary complexity, and created compelling layouts. Using the general look we establish for the site, we established a color scheme, type style, and visual theme that carried over throughout all of the printed material and guaranteed a consistent, branded experience for customers and salespeople.


Stage 3 – Engage

Axiom’s redesigned site launched in mid 2014, giving them a bold new look and increasing their SEO traffic and customer interest. The new look and streamlined content has also been quite successful in their printed materials, with the sales team finding their job easier and customers quickly understanding what Axiom can do for them and what differentiates them from the competition. We continue to support Axiom across all media as they continue to grow and expand into new areas and customer bases.

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