University of Texas, McCombs School of Business : Texas BBA

University of Texas, McCombs School of Business : Texas BBA

“For The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business BBA web redesign project, Good World Media stepped in and immediately became our brand, strategy, creative and design partners. They were key players in enabling the McCombs digital team to drive our school’s administration into establishing a contemporary, responsive digital presence that will strengthen the McCombs BBA brand. ”

– Dan Manco (Digital Strategist, McCombs School of Business – The University of Texas at Austin)



The McComb’s School of Business : Bachelor of Business Administration program was in need of a visual redesign for their website, which was showing its age in relation to many of current visual and technical trends.  Looking to create a contemporary visual design that was compelling as well as responsive across all platforms (a first for the university), they turned to us to make their goals a reality.


Stage 1 – Discovery

We began the project by working closely with the BBA program, seeking to understand their goals for their new website and how our visual design could directly aid in achieving them. What we found was a need to strengthen their core messages through a better visual hierarchy, increase the “relatedness” of prospective students to site photography, and showcase school acceptance benchmarks and criteria through the use of infographics. From there, we examined current trends in the eductational space, as well as related BBA programs, which gave us a better understanding on how to move forward.


Stage 2 – Empower

Upon our agreement of the overall site scope and our visual design role, we began our process by initially proposing three homepage treatments. Each of these designs established a different visual theme, showing variations on type, color palettes, and photographs, along with a general layout that would carry through to all successive pages. Upon client review and approval, we moved forward with the strongest design and applied it further to specific site pages. In tandem, we designed numerous infographics in this new visual style that would be used throughout the site, and chose photographs that would enhance the visuals and be aspirational to future applicants.


Stage 3 – Engage

As our visual designs were approved, we prepared them for the BBA program’s in-house development team who handled the final stages of the project. Throughout their work, we weighed in on issues as they arose, often creating designs or tweaking previous designs to reflect technical UX changes and recommendations.  We across optimized imagery for the development team, cropping photographs and designing infographics. Finally, we provided a style guide that could be used going forward as the site and its content expanded.

The internal McCombs development team launched the redesigned site in early 2015 to much excitement.  Armed with our new visual look design and an optimized viewing experience across all platforms and devices , the program looks forward to increased exposure and applicants.


  • Date: 2014
  • Categories: User Interface, UX/Wireframing, Website
  • Client: University of Texas, McCombs School of Business : Texas BBA
  • URL:

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