Overview – An Anime Portal for a Rabid Fanbase.

When 4kids Entertainment wanted to create an online destination for free, full episodes of great anime, they came up with Toonzaki. They then turned to us to create this new brand’s identity, logo, and website design to launch this new venture.


Stage 1 – Discover

We started with mood boards that touched upon a variety of colors and ideas, and examined many popular anime sites and portals. We realized that much of the visual anime aesthetic is complex and artistic, defined by busy backgrounds and exaggerated character imagery, and that Toonzaki could visually differentiate itself by utilizing solid colors, horizontal lines, and a 3-D aesthetic. By focusing on this minimal style, we prepared to create a memorable look for Toonzaki that stood out amongst the competition.


Stage 2 – Empower

Toonzaki’s logo design was the first task we undertook in creating this new brand, and the decisions we made here would set the tone for the overall identity. After establishing a varied color palette during our preliminary idea boards, we decided that Toonzaki’s logo, and entire look, would be based around

While Toonzaki’s visual look was compelling in its own right, with its varied color palette and blocky aesthetic, this approach towards the website itself gave users an intuitive, unintrusive interface to find and watch their favorite anime. The minimalist design decisions make the portal easy to navigate, and the expandable interface allows the site to meet future needs.


Stage 3 – Engage

Toonzaki’s launch was quite successful, quickly amassing a sizable following on the site and across social media. To support the launch and beyond, we continued to complete design projects for the company, such as Toonzaki’s New York Comic Con 2010 promotional posters, a package design give-away item, and social media imagery.

Sadly, when 4Kids Entertainment was dissolved and sold, was shut down and  longer exists as it once did.

  • Date: 2010
  • Categories: Branding, Print, Social Media, User Interface, Website
  • Client: Toonzaki / 4Kids Entertainment
  • URL:

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