Skinny Chef Superfood Sauces

Skinny Chef Superfood Sauces

“Good quality design and punctual turn around are really important to me as a small business owner, and Good World Media did top notch work for my latest project – Skinny Chef Superfood Sauces. Not only did they help us translate the feeling of our brand into a killer, eye-catching label that was both fun and modern, but they also did it on a really tight schedule.”

– Jennifer Iserloh (Owner, Skinny Chef)



When celebrity chef and best-selling author Jennifer Iserloh (aka the Skinny Chef) put her efforts into creating a line of healthy sauces, she looked to us to create an identity and packaging label – one that would encompass her vision for fresh, flavorful, and healthy foods and differentiate them in an already-saturated market.


Stage 1 – Discover

We began by working closely with the Skinny Chef team to thoroughly research the sauce’s market and competitors, going to local stores and examining numerous sauces, looking for a way to visually differentiate the brand while keeping within customer’s expectations. After numerous sketches and concepts, our design efforts yielded an exciting new concept that would represent the brand as well as set the sauces apart on the shelf.


Stage 2 – Empower

We decided upon the idea of adding a humanist element to the packaging, illustrating a visual representation of the chef herself. The stylized female face plays off of Jennifer’s fun, coy personality, as well as drawing the eyes of shelf-browsing customers. In contrast to this more abstract concept, we created original, more realistic ingredient illustrations to give viewers a preview of the unique, new flavor combinations. Finally, we applied a modern, bright color palette that pops off the shelf brings the whole package together—one that stand out amid traditional agricultural imagery and “homemade” sauces with handwritten labels. Viewed together, the sauces show well as line, while still showing a strong differentiation between each flavor combination.


Stage 3 – Engage

As the project progressed, we worked with an extended team of food marketing and packaging experts to deliver best practices and industry standards to ensure a successful solution that was sure to attract foodies, as well as fit into their production constraints. From concept to bottling, we had a hand in every part to ensure Skinny Chef’s sauces would be as visual engaging as they are healthy and delicious. This branding look has been carried on by Skinny Chef’s internal team and applied across their other marketing platforms.


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