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Public Allies


Public Allies an AmeriCorps program and non-profit organization dedicated to changing the face of leadership with its diverse and empowered young men and women. To aid in their mission, they’ve tapped us to help them concept and realize many of their design needs. The organization also holds a special place in our heart as Good World Media founder, Lina Fenequito is an alum of the Public Allies North Carolina class of 2003. During her time with Public Allies, she worked closely with a youth empowerment non-profit in an “at-risk” community of Chapel Hill, NC.

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We’ve worked closely with Public Allies over the course of many years to help promote their mission, through various print designs and digital projects. We’ve designed infographics and brochures for numerous Public Allies events and milestones, as well as t-shirts, banners, and presentation graphics for physical conferences and spaces. Our design work for the 2013 “We Still Have a Dream” Service Day (honoring Martin Luther King) was highly lauded and provided a wonderful backdrop to such an important event. We continue to work with Public Allies on a wide variety of projects, helping them continue to make a difference and change the world.

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