PIP : Performance Enhancement Partners

PIP : Performance Enhancement Partners

“We’ve been working and growing with Good World Media for over 4 years. They’ve led the effort to effectively design the end-to-end look and feel of our company, listening to our ideas and adding in their creative input, which always results in quality, spot-on materials. Good World has truly assisted us in successfully and comprehensively branding our company in our target market, helping to grow our clients 160% in just over 4 years.”

– Jen Ganim (Marketing Lead, Performance Improvement Partners)



Performance Enhancement Partners, commonly known by their acronym PIP, is one of America’s largest IT solutions companies.  With offices in Connecticut and San Francisco, they work domestically and internationally with over 130 of the most well-known Private Equity firms and portfolio companies throughout the world. Yet, their initial branding and website was in need of a visual and conceptual overhaul, with an underwhelming graphical layout and overly complex user experience. PIP turned to us to rebrand them and apply that foundation towards a brand new website and visual identity.


Stage 1 – Discover

In order to convey professionalism and expertise to their potential clients as well as their industry peers, PIP needed a strong identity to represent them. After numerous rough sketches of ideas and concepts, we came up with a strong graphical solution in the form of a “PIP infinity symbol”. Aside from being a clever design, referencing the individual letters in the PIP acronym, the symbol reflected the valued and continuous partnership that PIP forms with its partners. We next chose a strong, trustworthy color palette of subtle blues and grey that also referenced technology. The logo easily achieved the goal of creating a recognizable, professional identity that could be carried across PIP’s many customer touchpoints.


Stage 2 – Empower

With a new logo and visual theme established, our next task was to redesign the PIP website. Working closely with PIP’s internal team, we created UX wireframes that detailed the new site layout and navigation, as well as newsletter and article functionality absent from their original site. Visually, we designed a more intuitive layout and incorporated the new color palette and typographical look reflected in the logo. After client approval of the design, we then developed the site and linked it to a content management system to ensure easy updates by the client.


Stage 3 – Engage

Following the website initiative, we worked closely with PIP to develop content and visual designs for the their various printed materials, like brochures, leave-behinds, and powerpoint presentations. We streamlined content to maximize the message without unnecessary complexity, and created compelling layouts using the general look we establish for the site. With a standardized color palette, type style, and visual theme, PIP now had a consistency that carried throughout their logo, website, and printed collateral.


Over the years, we’ve continued to support and work with PIP as a true design partner, updating their site, designing and supporting their newsletter initiatives, and keeping their brand consistent as they grow and evolve. Currently, we are working on an update to their site which will make it responsive across all platforms.


  • Date: 2014
  • Categories: Branding, Presentation, Print, Strategy, User Interface, UX/Wireframing, Website
  • Client: PIP - Performance Improvement Partners
  • URL: http://pip-llc.com

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