Lineweaver Financial Group

Lineweaver Financial Group


Lineweaver Financial Group, one of Northeastern Ohio’s most respected financial firms, was sorely in need of a visual reinvention. While the company was quite successful, their website and promotional materials didn’t reflect the level of professionalism they embodied. Lineweaver turned to us for an online and offline redesign — one that would reflect their growing prominence in the industry and appeal to their current and future customers.


Stage 1 – Discover

Our discovery phase began with an familiarization and evaluation of Lineweaver’s existing website, brand guide, and promotional printed materials. In tandem with this research, we discussed Lineweaver’s goals, both visual and functional, and how best to accomplish them successfully.


Stage 2 – Empower

For their company website, we proposed a full UX and visual redesign that would accurately reflect the mission and scope of Lineweaver as an unique, comprehensive financial solution. We worked closely with the Lineweaver team, creating wireframes that successfully organized their desired content and better communicating their established messages. Visually, we elevated their brand by optimizing their color palette, creating a color-coded system for their various services, and using photography to create more compelling user experience. Once the visual designs were approved, we developed the site and populated all content.

After the successful launch, we continued to apply our visual standard toward their numerous financial brochures and white papers. Through a strong, consistent layout and the use of large scale photos and imagery, our redesign visually simplified the vast amounts of information Lineweaver was trying to communicate and created compelling, easily-understood pieces. Their series, “12 Smart Ways”, was an essential series of print brochures detailing the changes in Ohio’s retirement laws and bolstered by our consistent visual design.


Stage 3 – Engage

From redesigning and developing their website, to revamping their print and promotional materials, we helped Lineweaver achieve the professional look they deserved, while making them more customer-friendly and accessible. The website redesign was lauded by their industry peers as well as customers, and was a drastic change from their previous online presence. The print material we created allowed for easier customer understanding of Lineweaver’s services, which in turn brought a large growth of their customer base while establishing a standard look and feel for all print prices going forward.


  • Date: 2011
  • Categories: Print, User Interface, UX/Wireframing, Website
  • Client: Lineweaver Financial Group
  • URL:

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