Equality Now : 2013 Online Annual Report

Equality Now : 2013 Online Annual Report

Overview – An annual report moves online for the first time

Equality Now, the international human rights organization, was looking to put its annual report online for the first time ever in its history. With a desire to create a content-rich website that was visually appealing, while also being easy to navigate, they turned to us to help them design and implement the project.


Stage 1 – Discover

Our first task was to discuss and evaluate Equality Now’s goals with their annual report and how moving it online would benefit the project. We learned that they sought to highlight what support from donors had made possible in 2013, inspire continued donations, gain feedback on their efforts, and encourage users to share their successes. Keeping those ideals in mind, we worked closely with the team, deciding on an approach for acquiring data and content, organizing it, and how best to use this online platform to enhance it. When all were satisfied with how we would go about this process, and all technical specs and functionality were agreed upon, we began to delve into the site wireframes.


Stage 2 – Empower

Aside from the organization of vast amounts of information, Equality Now also desired to have interactive areas of the site to further enhance their message and engage users. We designed a simple interactive map of the world where specific 2013 milestones could be highlighted upon rollover. We added a slideshows to chronologically show important events and data, downloadable pdfs to give users access to deeper studies, and numerous donation and join links to encourage taking action. Visually, we adhered closely to Equality Now’s established branding, using a red/grey color palette, similar typefaces, and compelling photographs for a consistent visual style.


Stage 3 – Engage

Working closely with Equality Now’s internal team, we finalized the website, uploaded the developed code to their server, and performed a final Q/A before launching it.  With the process completed, we had successfully moved Equality Now’s first ever annual report online, opening it up to a larger audience and adding in functionality and interactivity previously unavailable. Furthermore, the site could be easily updated for future annual reports via the back-end content management system, ensuring a solid return on time and effort for years to come.





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