Democracy at Work

Democracy at Work

“I enjoyed working with Good World Media at every step of the process, and came to know them as part of our team. They’re always thinking AHEAD of us, and continue to act as an informed sounding board as we grow our audience.”

Jen Hill (former Strategic Communications Director, Democracy at Work)



Democracy at Work is a non-profit organization looking to build a social movement.  Conceived and supported by noted Professor Richard Wolff, the organization’s goal is the transition of our capitalistic economic system to a true economic democracy…a new society whose productive enterprises (offices, factories, and stores) will mostly be Workers’ Self-Directed Enterprises (or WSDEs)”. Emboldened with this mission, the start-up team looked to us to help them brand themselves and create a robust website that would act as a resource for those interested in finding WSDE’s and the movement itself.


Stage 1 – Discover

With such lofty goals, DAW needed a strong universal identity that would represent its mission. After numerous rough sketches of ideas and concepts, we decided upon a new identity which consisted of a symbolic pie chart. The pie chart is a common element of the business and corporate world, grounding the movement in an economic background. But while pie charts are often static, we chose to represent it as one that is in motion, in the spirit of a true democracy that moves and evolves. Furthermore, each piece, though different in color, is equal in shape and size, representative of the workplace equality sought by the organization and the movement.


Stage 2 – Empower

To spread the movement and provide an up-to-date database of articles, opinion, and discussions, we next delved into their website. We started by working closely with the organization’s internal team, discussing their ultimate goals, abundant content, and how best to organize and disseminate information.  As we began to wireframe out the site, we sought to design a user experience that would be intuitive, yet robust, combining original content with related resources that could be easily filtered and cross-referenced. We knew that users would have questions about the mission and WSDEs themselves, and decided to make a large dropdown with the most common questions a primary mode of navigation when looking for answers and resources. After client review and revisions that lead to approved wireframes, we began the visual design of the website.


Visually, we used our design logo and color palette as the foundation for the site, evolving a more robust aesthetic that extended to the page layout, navigation, and imagery. Through the use of appealing color and visual cues, the theme would resonate with users and help to organize the copious amounts of information the site would contain. We applied the look throughout all of the site pages, achieving a visual consistency that allowed for a similar experience no matter how viewers entered the site.


Stage 3 – Engage

The site launched on August 7th, 2012 to incredibly positive feedback and interest from the WSDE community. We continued to support Democracy at Work post-launch until their internal team was able to take the site over, using our content management system to continue updating the site with relevant resources, original content, and events.

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