“Good World Media’s creative redesign of our logo and print advertisements has really helped make CanyonGear stand out amongst our peers. We have gained tremendous respect across all facets of our business and market.”

– Timothy Woodstock (Founder, Canyon Gear)



CanyonGear, a popular leader in big game fishing lures, wanted to upgrade their brand and image. Looking to shed their local, “mom-and-pop” look and appeal to a wider customer base that includes higher-end, international customers, CanyonGear turned to us to give them an identity overhaul and establish a new visual foundation for future advertising and promotions.


Stage 1 – Discover

While the original CanyonGear logo and branding was a smattering of generic, marine life clip art and over-done typography, the new CanyonGear look had to appeal to a high-end audience and communicating the company’s dedication to quality custom fishing lures. We examined CanyonGear’s current competition, but actually spent more time looking at higher-end brands across a variety of industries, like luxury cars, boats, and planes, seeking how they positioned themselves.  An aspirational, sleek identity with bold, classic colors would be the direction we ultimately decided on.


Stage 2 – Empower

With began the identity process with hand-drawn sketches, focusing on creating a recognizable symbol that would communicate fishing in an elevated way. The Marlin, the most popular big game fish, was chosen as the ideal representation to communicate salt-water fishing, while the oval and hook connected the idea of a unified action.  Fish and angler are connected, bringing the sport full-circle through CanyonGear’s lures. The raised, shiny look of the logo would look at home on any pricey fishing boat, with the italicized typography showing motion and fluidity. The new logo epitomized the professionalism of CanyonGear and would easily look at home amongst other high-end brands in the field.


Stage 3 – Engage

From this logo design, we proceeded to establish a style guide for moving forward, choosing typefaces, colors, and photographs that would enhance our initial work and give CanyonGear a consistent look across all media. We worked closely with the CanyonGear team to create an initial run of seven print advertisements, which appeared over the course of a year in various fishing magazines and periodicals. During that time, we collaborated with each magazine’s respective print team to ensure all files were properly optimized and ready for print.


Overall, the CanyonGear team was incredibly pleased with our work, and the new branding approach was an immediate hit among current and potential customers. The company found themselves in a new sphere, attracting more customers and communicating a stronger message beyond their mom-and-pop roots. Though now under the direction of an internal team, the visual design of the brand still adheres quite closely to our original strategy, and has spread out to their website, promotional brochures, sales kit, and company merchandise.



  • Date: 2011
  • Categories: Branding, Print, Strategy
  • Client: CanyonGear

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