Atlas : DIY

Atlas : DIY

“Starting a new company or launching a new online product is daunting enough, add in the fact that I had zero branding or website experience and it was downright terrifying. After being referred to Good World Media by a friend, I was blown away by the excitement they had for my company and the technical expertise they brought to their understanding of our needs. After working with them for over a year I was consistently impressed by their fast turn around time, intuitive listening skills and ability to deliver high quality product that matched exactly what we were looking for. Lina and Ray were always available to listen to my thoughts and concerns and re-work everything until we got the perfect product. I have recommended them to everyone I work with and hope to utilize their services again in the near future! ”

– Lauren A. Burke, Esq. (Executive Director, Atlas : DIY)



Atlas : DIY is a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization aimed at supporting and empowering immigrant youth in New York City and beyond. Founded by Lauren Burke, and staffed with a group of incredible members, the organization has always been passionate about their mission. Yet, they found themselves in search of a new way to get their message out, mobilize their supporters, and reward immigrant youth who may need their services most. They turned to us to tackle these problems and create something amazing together.


Stage 1 – Discover

Working closely with the Atlas team, we discussed their needs and goals, as well as the current state of their website, outreach, and promotional materials. One major priority was to increase the visibility and awareness of Atlas DIY’s mission and services, something that could be achieved by tapping into the youth already in tune with and supported by the organization’s work.  A second was to better facilitate the aggregation and dispersal of helpful resources for immigrant youth in New York through social media engagement. With so much information on the subject of immigration available, it was important for Atlas DIY to acquire it, evaluate it, and get it to its followers and supporters as quickly and easily as they could.


To achieve these goals, we proposed a gamification platform, one that would ideally be fully integrated with the Atlas DIY website in an intuitive, unobtrusive way. The social media rewards program, specific to the non-profit,  would allow users to sign up and gain points by sharing Atlas’s content over social media, commenting on articles or posts, or participating in events. Points would be accumulated and used for rewards specific to their needs, ranging from access of helpful documents to meetings with lawyers that could consult on an immigrant’s case.


Social media rewards, a relatively new and exciting area of engaging an audience base and encouraging shared content, seemed to be the perfect solution. Unfortunately, most of the existing platforms are incredibly cost-prohibitive to the small business or organization…and often one-size-fits all.  We  proposed an alternative – build a unique, custom solution that would meet all of Atlas DIY’s capacity building goals, while being much more cost-effective. This approach would also ensure that the back-end system could easily be tailored for Atlas DIY’s needs, and we would have intimate knowledge of the entire platform. Together with Atlas DIY, we brainstormed gamification features until we reached the essential functionality that would satisfy this Phase 1 launch.


With this solution,  we would also need to redesign Atlas DIY’s website as well. Aside from the development needed to integrate this new social media rewards program, the site was in need of a major overhaul. It was an opportunity to not only broaden their message via user interaction, but to brand the organization in a more polished, professional way through a better UX and stronger visual theme.


Stage 2 – Empower

With our discovery roadmap and wireframes approved, we began to design out the new user experience for the site, focusing on the content redesign and integration of the gamification rewards platform. At the same time, we solidified the specifications and functionality needed for the platform itself, such as user profiles, recognition of shares, tweets, and likes, tallying and rewarding points, reward redemption, and alerts for possible system abuse by use. Working closely with our own development team, we built functionality early and tested often, ensuring that the resulting platform would work correctly and behave as users expected.


As we continued to design, develop and test the rewards platform,  we evaluated Atlas : DIY’s current and desired website content. We created new wireframes, reorganizing the site in a more logical way and designing templated pages to allow for consistent display of information.  Visually, we examined Atlas’s current website and promotional materials, looking for ways to create a more professional, stylized look while keeping Atlas’s Do-It-Yourself aesthetic. We standardized fonts, established a more elegant color palette, and treated photos to better reflect the organization’s mission and appeal.


Stage 3 – Engage.

After launching the new site and our gamification platform in early 2014, Atlas:DIY began to reach out to their followers and supporters, encouraging them to sign up and help promote the organization through the new social rewards program. Through a variety of tiered rewards and participation, Atlas:DIY has been able to help more youth immigrants while also getting their message out in a stronger and more organic way. As Atlas:DIY continues to grow, we are right there with them.



  • Date: 2013
  • Categories: Print, Social Media, Strategy, User Interface, UX/Wireframing, Website
  • Client: Atlas DIY
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